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Offering Support for Litigation focused on Protecting Your Rights through the Courts and providing that support through donations, membership dues, events and  offering courses and qualification for Concealed Carry Weapon Certifications in California and Utah.

Our Mission

The primary purpose of our Non-Partisan, Non-Profit organization is to promote and preserve the Constitution of the United States through education and litigation. The specific focus of our litigation effort is challenging laws, ordinances, regulations, and any other restrictions and infringements on the Second Amendment right of the citizens to "keep and bear arms."

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Our Vision

The Madison Society Foundation is not afraid to go to court. When presented with an unjust case that we believe violates the intent and letter of the Second Amendment, actions are immediately employed to challenge that infringement.   The foundation actively supports several expert attorneys who are ready to go through each case with their expertise and legal knowledge.  We offer our insight to the courts in the form of financially supporting filed amicus (friend of the court) briefs and support of common-sense motions regarding specific cases. To help defray the costs of these legal actions donations are accepted and CCW classes are offered, through our foundation, for multiple counties in California and for the state of Utah.

Providing Concealed Carry Permits in California

The Sons of Liberty were the ones who initially challenged the British during our revolutionary war. Their sacrifice and heritage were the necessary influence to author the Constitution.  As a direct result, 11 years were spent penning the Constitution including the Bill of Rights to protect the American people from tyranny.

In 1996 the Madison Society Foundation was initially formed to offer support to Second Amendment Litigation. In 2001 the Madison Society Foundation was established as a (501)(c)(3) Tax-Exempt organization to help financially support that litigation and continues to operate today in continuing that support.

We began as a foundation simply to spread awareness of your Constitutional rights with a focus on the Second Amendment. To support that focus, we provide training and certification to obtain Concealed Carry Weapon Permits from local authorities in California and the state of Utah.

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Join The Madison Society Foundation!

The Madison Society is an all-volunteer organization, and there is no paid staff, so all donations go to accomplishing our mission. Please join us if you are concerned about your future or your family's future.

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A 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization.

(Your donation may be deductible. See your tax professional.)

Federal Tax ID 88-0488787

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